Monthly Recap: September 2023

Hello web surfers, and welcome to September’s recap.

I wrote three posts:

I collected two new vinyls, but haven’t uploaded them yet. I’ll get onto that. This raises a good question about the metadata, should the date recored be the day I purchased the record, recieve the record, or added it to the collection on my website? If you have any thoughts send me an email.

Back to the IndieWeb. Last month I mentioned I was strugling to get WebMentions going. This month I managed to get them working, specifically the mention-of type.

I also manmaged to get a first iteration of website replies set up. Check out the first reply to a blog post by Lost Letters.

I revamped the Bookmarks page. These should all be marked up per the IndieWeb specs and you can also subscribe to my new bookmarks feed.

That concludes everything for this month. We’ll catch up again soon.

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