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Selected writing

One of my long-term goals is to write more. This goal includes learning how to write coherent and understandable essays.


  • New X-Men (2001) Was Awesome

    What an amazing run in 2001 by Grant Morrison that sets major X-Men plots for years to come.

  • 2023 Winter

    The books I read, playlist I made, and articles I read this Winter.

  • The Secrets of Azeroth

    The Secrets of Azeroth world event is a detective caper where players particpate by solving clues to help the Preservationists find a perpretrator in a series of arifact heists.

  • Bushwalks

    Intentionally leaving the house during the day and surrounding myself in nature does wonders for the soul.

  • Monthly Recap: August 2023

    Hello web surfers, and welcome to August's recap.

  • Beervana 2023

    Beervana is Aotearoa's greatest beer festival held every year in August.

  • Show Some Love: Supporting Your Favourites

    Support a free and open web by supporting the projects that you love.

  • Monthly Recap: July 2023

    Hello web surfers, and welcome to July's recap.

  • Whakapapa Ski Trip

    We could not have asked for better conditions for a day of skiing at Whakapapa ski field on Mt Ruapehu last weekend.

  • My InternetNZ Hat

    Check out my sweet new hat from the Internet. InternetNZ that is.

  • Now Page: Automatically Syncing My Now Pages

    How I automatically sync my now page with

  • Marvel Unlimited Continue Reading

    Marvel Unlimited is my preferred choice for reading comics. This post discusses the frustrating aspects of the Continue Reading feature and how it affects my reading experience.

  • Monthly Recap: June 2023

    Hello web surfers, and welcome to Junes's recap.

  • Now page update: poster art for shows and movies

    Combine multiple API calls and eleventy-fetch to enrich Trakt metadata with poster art.

  • Synology DS923

    A quick look into my new Synology DS923+ NAS.

  • Dragonflight Season Two Recap

    Dragonflight season two is almost over, so I've spent a few minutes reflecting on my achievements.

  • 2023 Autumn

    The books I read, playlist I made, and articles I read this Autumn.

  • Adding game cover art to my /now page

    How I'm using Eleventy-Fetch and the Steam API to fetch recently played games, the games cover art and store page URL to display on my /now page.

  • Monthly Recap: May 2023

    Hello web surfers, and welcome to May's recap.

  • How have your listening habits changed?

    How have your listening habits changed when you started listening to audiobooks?

  • Where Do You Get Your Audiobooks

    Where do you get your audiobooks?

  • Monthly Recap: April 2023

    Hello web surfers, and welcome to April's recap. This month I focused on automating more of Flamed Fury.

  • Record Store Day 2023

    Record Store Day 2023 has been and gone. What new records did I manage to add to my collection?

  • Building and Automating My Now Page

    How I built and automated my now page with Eleventy and APIs.

  • What's On My Steam Deck Autumn 2023

    What do I have installed on my Steam Deck for Autumn 2023? How many of these games will I play, and how many will I finish?

  • Monthly Recap: March 2023

    Hello web surfers, and welcome to March's recap. This month I started writing blog posts again.

  • Diablo IV Beta on Pop!_OS

    A quick tip to get Diablo IV Beta running on Linux through Lutris.

  • Dragonflight Season One Recap

    Dragonflight season one is almost over, so I've spent a few minutes reflecting on my achievements.

  • 2023 Summer

    The books I read, playlist I made, and articles I read this Summer.

  • Logitech MX on Linux

    When it comes to computer peripherals, I use Logitech. Keyboards, mice, headsets - they’re all Logitech. But how do you take advantage of them when Logitech doesn't provide Linux drivers or software?

  • Monthly Recap: February 2023

    Hello web surfers, and welcome to February's recap. This month I spent time updating existing pages and added some new pages.

  • Weclome to Flamed Fury 2023.

    Flamed Fury gets a brand new look for 2023.

  • Monthly Recap: January 2023

    Hello web surfers and welcome to January's recap. It's been an exciting month refreshing existing content and adding new content.



  • Pop!_OS Setup Guide

    I've recently moved from Windows to Pop!_OS. These are my notes for first time configuration to get myself up and running and refer back to later.

  • Early Web Memories

    My recount of my earliest memories of being on and growing up on the web.

  • Web Manifesto

    My Web Manifesto is where I dive deep into the current state of the Internet and explore whether it is heading in an ideal direction.

  • Video games and me

    I've loved computer games forever. I miss having the time and energy I used to have for them.

  • The music and me

    Music has always been a massive part of my life, let's dive into how that came to be.

  • Comics and me

    I love collecting and reading comics, especially the X-Men.

  • Books and me

    I've always been a big reader, let's take a look at how I got here.