2023 Winter

The books I read, playlist I made, and articles I read this Winter.


Book Cover for Edible Economics
Book Cover for Stars and Bones
Book Cover for Come As You Are: Revised and Updated
Book Cover for Bloodline
Book Cover for Star Wars: Phasma
Book Cover for Aftermath
Book Cover for Attention Span: Finding Focus for a Fulfilling Life
Book Cover for Life Debt
Book Cover for Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire's End
Book Cover for Rubicon
Book Cover for Doctor Aphra (Star Wars)
Book Cover for Star Wars: Light of the Jedi (The High Republic)
Book Cover for Dooku: Jedi Lost (Star Wars)
Book Cover for A New Dawn
Book Cover for Dark Disciple
Book Cover for Heir to the Jedi
Book Cover for Star Wars: Ahsoka
Book Cover for Star Wars: Tarkin


  • Whatever
    Cassie Henderson - Whatever
  • Pilot
    Brody Leigh - Pilot
  • Misty in Matakana
    Louis Baker - Misty in Matakana
  • 7 Minutes In Heaven
    Kita Alexander - 7 Minutes In Heaven
  • Beach House
    Jamie McDell - Beach House
  • Madeline
    Jamie McDell - Beach House
  • Revolution
    Jamie McDell - Beach House
  • Better
    Sure Boy - Better
  • What You Do When You're Alright
    Sure Boy - Better
  • Gum
    Sure Boy - Better
  • Her
    Sure Boy - Better
  • Loose Change
    Sure Boy - Better
  • Arrived
    alayna - Arrived
  • Buckle In Baby
    alayna - Arrived
  • If You Want My Love
    alayna - Arrived
  • Cherry Tree
    alayna - Arrived
  • Phases
    Em - Tender
  • The Plan
    Em - Tender
  • Tender
    Em - Tender
  • Slowly
    Em - Tender
    Kaylee Bell - NIGHTS LIKE THIS
  • My Own Worst Enemy
    Leah Kelsey - My Own Worst Enemy
  • Tongue - Stripped
    Foley - Tongue (Stripped)
  • Miles Away
    Velvet Bloom - Where You Are
  • Dance With You
    Paige - Dance With You
    Fat Freddy's Drop, Kings - BLACKBIRD REMIX
  • missing you
    Jessica Leigh - missing you
  • Flirt
    Genes - Flirt
  • Psycho
    Michèle Ducray - Psycho
  • I Can't Wait For Summer
    Leah Kelsey - I Can't Wait For Summer
  • March 12
    Haz' Beats, Miloux - Brunette
  • Bleeding Hearts
    Volts - Bleeding Hearts
  • Brand New
    Haz' Beats, Miloux - Brunette
  • The Sweet Escape - triple j Like A Version
    Jem Cassar-Daley - The Sweet Escape (triple j Like A Version)
  • I like to be alone
    Mermaidens - I like to be alone
    Fat Freddy's Drop, Kid Fonque - MOTHER MOTHER
  • See Through
    Leah Kelsey - See Through


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