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hi 👋, i'm fLaMEd 🔥 and this is my homepage, a collection of stuff that i like.

i have had a passion for making homepages for a long time. there's always been a time in my life where i have had a homepage in one form or another.

this homepage is being constructed in public, it is constantly under construction. i will often push changes to it to try things out. i spend too much time coding and configuring and need to focus on writing the never ending stream of ideas and concepts down. this is my current mission.

i chose neocities as my homepage host to step away from the corporate web and to not be surrounded by likes, shares, claps, stars, retweets, or whatevers.

i love the internet, but not all things about the internet, you can read more over on my about page. if you want to dive deeper, check out my memoirs which detail my earliet memories of getting online and surfing the web and my web manifesto where i share my thoughts on the web.

if you've enjoyed your time here, please leave a message in my guestbook, or send me an e-mail.

surf the web

the true spirit of the web is hyperlinking to all of the interesting homepages and websites you come across.

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you can link to my homepage with my cool 88x31 button, grab the code below!

flamedfury 88x31 link button

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webrings were a fun part of the web back in the 90s and 2000s. here are a few that i've recently joined, take the time to surf around them.

the yesterweb ring

flamedfury.com is keeping the old web alive!

the flamedfury network webring

a webring for websites on the flamedfury network.