Monthly Recap: April 2024

What’s happening Internet? Was it just me, or did April feel like it came and went like nothing?

It might have felt rushed to me as I was busy wrapping up work and handing over my day-to-day tasks as I prepared to go on parental leave until September! I’m almost through the first week of looking after my daughter full time and am loving it.

I’m changing up the format the recap posts this month, similar to the week notes posts I see shared across the community.


I definitely picked up the slack from February and March. I found that sitting down at the end of the day and writing got me there. It’s too easy to just sit down in front of the TV and do nothing. Depending on how long it takes to write any of these, I still have time for an episode or two before bed.


I read two books in April. They were both chunky coming in at 16 and 17 hours respectively. I didn’t have much time outside doing stuff that I didn’t get through any more books, that’s just the way it goes some times. I also needed a break after smashing through the entire Three Body Problem in only 9 days…

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses: This was a long, but easy read and just what I needed. The main character seemed insufferable at first, like they always do in these stories but overall enjoyed as it progressed.
  • The Penguin History of Aotearoa New Zealand: This was a fantastic read. Just a great in depth look at Aotearoa’s history. I recommend for every Kiwi and anyone who’s remotely interested in our small and remote country.


Record Store Day happens two times a year April 20 was the first of 2024. While I didn’t buy any of the RSD releases I picked up a few from my wish list.

  • Significant Other: Limp Bizkit get a lot of hate, but this is an absolute banger from my childhood.
  • Smash: Smash is my favourite Offspring album. I haven’t opened it to play yet, but interested to see if it sounds as bad on vinyl as they say…


It looks like I saved around 25 bookmarks in April. A few of the highlights were:


I feel like I’ve made a lot of behind the scenes changes this month.

  • I setup a JSON feed for the Bookmarks to be able to cross post with Echo Feed, (Robb’s sweet new web app). I took the opportunity to tidy up the structure of each of the individual bookmark pages while I was at it.
  • Over on the /now page I changed up the Reading section, I might simplify it again and move the details across to the Bookshelf.
  • On the Recordshelf I tidied up the record details text, it looks much nicer now 👌
  • I updated the search engine section on the links page with a few new search engines I’ve come across recently.
  • Site wide I moved the theme switcher from the footer to the top navigation and reduced it to a single button that swaps between light and dark depending on what mode you’re on. Next step is to change to pretty icons.

Around the web

As mentioned above, Robb launched Echo Feed, a fantastic web app for cross-posting stuff from your website across the web. I had the opportunity to beta test it for a short time before the launch and signed up for a premium licence so I could have more than one feed pumping through it. To start with any new post or bookmark is automatically shared to my Mastodon account. Too easy.

The hot topic this month in the small web community is definitely Annie Green’s WeblogPoMo event happening this May. WeblogPoMo is Weblog Posting Month, 2024! If you use, or otherwise have a personal blog, you should absolutely participate in this month-long blog posting extravaganza! I’ve decided I’ll participate by trying to post every day during may about media I’ve watched, listened to, or read. Nice short posts that aren’t reviews. Looking forward to it.

This has definitely taken longer to write than I anticipated so I’m going to wrap this up now so I can watch some TV and work on my first WeblogPoMo before the day ends.

Catch you on the flip side 🤙

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