Monthly Recap: March 2024

Hello web surfers, How was your Easter? Did you manage to take a break from whatever keeps you occupied?

I had an enjoyable Easter “break”. I spent the weekend out of town with the family, the last of many weekends and weeks away from home travelling during March. I managed two trips to Auckland with the family and two trips to Sydney for work.

In addition to this, we’ve been battling sleep training with our youngest, which hasn’t given much focus time for website work.

I figured I could catch up on website things while at the airport, but that never happened. I spent the time reading, relaxing, and enjoying not having to use my brain.

The end result was two posts, and one of them was automated 😂

  • Freaks and Geeks: I sat down and watched all eighteen episodes of the cult classic from the early 2000s. I watched it when it aired on TV back then, but I didn’t catch all the episodes because they aired on a Friday night, and I guess I was out doing things most Fridays. The show was great, and I think it holds up today.
  • 2024 Summer: This doesn’t really count as a post, but the latest seasonal post went out. If you’re unfamiliar, this type of post is generated automatically. It lists the books I read, links I bookmarked, and the playlist I created. I’m not particularly happy with the existing layout, so I need to sit down and work on that. Luckily I’ve got another three months until the next post is scheduled 😉

Speaking of the links I bookmarked, I’ve noticed link posts are becoming popular again in the #SmallWeb circles. I could most likely do something similar, but I also have the bookmarks feed, so it might be redundant. Let me know what you think.

Over at the 32-Bit Cafe, we celebrated our first anniversary with a code jam. The prompt was “what has creating a website done for you?” and members submitted pages and posts to celebrate. You can check out the entries on the submissions page. I was planning on participating, and I had my post drafted but lost it during one of my Sydney travels due to a saving file mishap. I’ll rewrite the post eventually, as I really enjoyed the prompt and still have my bullet points for what I wanted to write.

Website wise, as mentioned above, not much has been done. I’ve been looking at image optimisation for the remote data images you see on my /now and bookshelf pages, and I have it figured out. However, I ran into a problem with the way my layout/template files are configured. I plan to fix those up and roll out the changes.

The biggest change I did manage to make was to move off of Neocities again, and I am now hosting Flamed Fury on a shared hosting plan. I spent a few evenings chatting with Chris about getting the deployment working between the GitHub Action and RSYNC over SSH. Many thanks to Chris for bouncing ideas with me! I’ve got a few plans for posts related to running 11ty on shared hosting, so watch out for those.

Robb has been working on a hosted version of EchoFeed, a service that sends your posts all over the web. I was keen on this to automatically cross-post new posts and bookmark posts to my Mastodon account. I never got around to setting it up on my own server. Lucky for me, Robb flicked me an invite, and if I’ve configured it correctly, this should be the first post that cross-posts! 🎉

Other than that, I’ve read many great posts recently and need to catch up on bookmarking them all, so…

Catch you all next month, laters.

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