Instant Messaging On XMPP

Since my last post about instant messaging I was excited to find that I already had access to an XMPP server with my membership.

If you used AIM back in the day, or MSN Messenger, or ICQ, then you’ll be right at home with XMPP

Yes. Yes I do feel right at home with XMPP.

It’s been great chatting with the few people who responded to the last post. If you want to chat, just hit me up.

Are you looking to get started on XMPP? It’s simple; you just need an account on a server and a client.

If you’re already an member, head over to the social page on your dashboard and provision an XMPP account. Otherwise, create an account on one of these public providers.

Then you’ll need a client; there are lots to choose from.

I’m using Beagle on the Macbook, Dino on the Linux Desktop, and Monal on the iOS devices.

I’m only using XMPP for the IM capabilities. I haven’t joined any chatrooms yet and don’t plan to.

The Join Jabber has a couple of sweeet tutorials for connecting to other networks, integrating with other Fedi services or self-hosting your own server.

Again, if you already have an account on XMPP or decide to create one, hit me up. Happy

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