BMF Season 3

What’s up Internet? Yesterday I promised I’d switch it up from the past few days of music, so for #WeblogPoMo2024 day 14, I’ve got a TV post for you all. Don’t worry, nothing too exciting or thought-provoking 🤣

I just finished the season finale of BMF’s third season. The show is a dramatised retelling of the story of the Black Mafia Family, an organised crime group.

I’ve watched each episode as it’s aired and have enjoyed it. I like these types of shows, whether they’re fiction or based on actual events.

The acting isn’t terribly great, but it does make for some hilarious scenes, which is fine as it just adds to the charm and my enjoyment of the show.

I was aware of BMF based on various references through musical references, but other than that, I wasn’t really aware of what went down, so it’s been fun to explore with the show.

Based on where they’re at in the timeline, this looks like it will continue for more seasons. I’m looking forward to it.

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