X-Men '97 Season 1

What’s happening Internet? It’s day 15 of #WeblogPoMo2024 which means we’re halfway through, yay. I just finished the season finale of X-Men '97. What an absolutely fantastic show.

I enjoyed how they covered major X-Men stories across the 10 episodes: Trail of Magneto, Inferno, E is for Extinction, including Emma’s secondary diamond form mutation, and Fatal Attractions (where we see Magneto rip out Wolverine’s adamantium).

At first, I was like, “Wait, what?” at how quickly they covered these iconic moments. But then I realised that, just like in the comics, these events were often condensed into a few panels. The show’s approach, while quick, was still good.

Morph, a character not originally from the comics, provides a nice way to include cameos of different characters. His role in the show, particularly his interactions with the main X-Men team, is quite funny. (He existed briefly in Age Of Apocolypse, which was an alternate universe.)

The dramatic rendition of the 90s intro theme during the final action scene of episode 10 was fantastic. The teases for Season 2 in the closing scenes had me shouting “hell yeah” at the screen. I can’t wait for what’s next! I hope we see Emma Frost join the school and the team.

I loved the animation. This is aimed at adults and is much more gritty than the 90s show. Especially compared to the recently released X-Men '97 comic that acts as a prelude to the show. The art is more colourful and happier than the show itself.

If you’re a fan of the original 90s animated series or a long-time X-Men fan like myself, you’ll be thrilled to see how X-Men '97 brings back the nostalgia while introducing fresh storylines.

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