Nostalgia Music

What’s up Internet? The last few #WeblogPoMo2024 posts have been music focused, so I’ll do one more for day 13 and do something else the next couple of days.

I’d like to know what nostalgia music is for you? Songs or albums that weren’t necessarily certified hits or critically acclaimed but held a place in your heart based on a time and a place or other memories.

One of mine would be Skull & Bones by Cypress Hill. While not the greatest or favourite Cypress Hill album, it is definitely one that holds a special place in my memories based on the summer of 2000, when we had this playing every day.

One hot summers day in particular, we were at a basketball court at a local school; my black Mazda Familia hatch parked up on the side of the court with the doors and boot (sub woofer baby) open with this album blasting while we pissed around shooting baskets. This was one of those days, the perfect day that couldn’t ever be replicated.

I guess, based on its lack of commercial success, the album was never put up for a vinyl repressing, so I’ve never seen it in any record stores in person or online. I really want to add this one to my collection, so I’m going crate-digging on Discogs.

So, web surfers, what albums hold a special place in your memories? I’d love to hear about them; write a response post or reach out on XMPP.

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