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  • Dragonflight Season Three Recap

    Reflections of World Of Warcraft Dragon Flight Season Three.

  • The Secrets of Azeroth

    The Secrets of Azeroth world event is a detective caper where players particpate by solving clues to help the Preservationists find a perpretrator in a series of arifact heists.

  • Dragonflight Season Two Recap

    Dragonflight season two is almost over, so I've spent a few minutes reflecting on my achievements.

  • What's On My Steam Deck Autumn 2023

    What do I have installed on my Steam Deck for Autumn 2023? How many of these games will I play, and how many will I finish?

  • Diablo IV Beta on Pop!_OS

    A quick tip to get Diablo IV Beta running on Linux through Lutris.

  • Dragonflight Season One Recap

    Dragonflight season one is almost over, so I've spent a few minutes reflecting on my achievements.

  • Gaming PC History

    I love computer games, and I love building computers. On this page, I take a trip down memory lane and try to remember all the computers I have assembled over the years.

  • Gaming PC History Walkthrough

    Walking down memory lane of the computers that I've built over the years

  • Gaming on Linux Update

    How I'm dealing with a dying graphics card

  • Running World of Warcraft on Pop!_OS Guide

    These are my notes for getting World of Warcraft up and running on Pop!_OS.

  • Video games and me

    I've loved computer games forever. I miss having the time and energy I used to have for them.

  • Command Conquer Remastered Collection

    A remaster of an old classic.

  • The Wolf of Sparta

    Where I play Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

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