Diablo IV Beta on Pop!_OS

This quick post details how I got the Diablo IV Beta running on Pop!_OS.

Applications needed:

Install BattleNet launcher & Diablo IV

Open ProtonUp-QT and install lutris-GE-diablo_4_beta-x86_64 (Wine-GE Runner).

Open Lutris and install the BattleNet launcher using the Diablo IV installation script with Lutris. Click the + add game button in the upper left and select the first option. Search for Diablo IV.

Launch BattleNet and then Diablo IV. Select Diablo IV Beta in the game version selection menu and install the game files.

Configure game options

Game options

Add --exec="launch Fen" as a launch argument. This will load straight to Diablo IV when the Battle.net launcher is run.

Runner options:

Set Wine version to lutris-GE-diablo_4_beta-x86_64
Set DXVK to version 2.1
Set VKD3D to version 2.8

Game info

Download custom cover art from SteamGridDB.

The character select screen in the game Diablo IV
Chose your character
A screenshot of Diablo IV gameplay
Clearing the first dungeon
A screenshot of Diablo IV gameplay, fighting the first boss
First boss fight
A cut scene from the game Diablo IV
Cut scenes play perfectly

You should be good to go to slay the demons of hell.

View this page on GitHub.