Covid-19 Mid Lockdown Retrospective

Alert Level: Four
Day: 16

Today, Good Friday is day 16 for Aotearoa’s alert level four lockdown to cut the spread of Covid-19.

I’ve been thinking a lot today about how my thoughts have changed since I first started contemplating this whole thing barely 2 weeks ago. It seems like so much longer.

Like the rest of the country, while we’ve seen great success with the actions of our Government and society as a whole, I feel myself become more relaxed with the situation. I do not think that this is a good thing as it won’t take much for the virus to grab hold and spread again if we do shrug it off.

While we are currently below the curve we’re still seeing new cases. Wednesday saw 50 new cases, Thursday 29 and today 44. Many people have recovered but also we have several people in ICU and we have 2 reported deaths.

I’ve not been drowning myself in news but have been following this timeline on Radio New Zealand’s page. It’s a great resource and really puts things in perspective without the fluff.

So far Good Friday has been good to us here at our place. I’ve had a pretty relaxing day compared to the last few weeks. I had a slower start to the morning, while still getting in a decent poodle walk before the rest of the neighbourhood had woken up. A couple of coffees after meditation while figuring out what I needed to do was a welcome change of pace.

Being able to fully focus on my workout this morning was fantastic. As I’ve been enjoying Les Mills Body Combat I got out my boxing wraps, put on my tights and went to town. I felt great!

One thing that I have been missing is the luxury of being able to order takeaways delivered to the house. I mean, I love to cook but constantly cooking does take its toll after a while. Tonight we’re trying to alleviate that with some home-cooked frozen pizza and fries to go with the beers. It may not be as awesome as Hells, but it’s gonna be piping hot fresh out the oven.

I’m going to continue to see how we progress over Easter, I hope we keep heading in the right direction.

Kia Kaha.

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