Covid-19 Anticipating the Lockdown

Alert Level: Three

So, New Zealand went into COVID-19 Alert Level 3. Within 48 hours the country will be shifting to Alert Level 4 with a nationwide lockdown.

It was inevitable that it was going to happen as we started preparing last week. I guess it just hadn’t hit me until now just how crazy this whole situation is. I am glad that it appears that everyone is taking this pandemic seriously. I am also glad that with only 102 confirmed cases that we are going into Alert Level 4 so quickly.

I’ve been working from home since last Thursday, and since then have opted out of going to the gym. I have a decent amount of equipment setup at home that will allow me to continue working out through this without leaving the house. The only thing I am missing is spin class.

Over the weekend we did our usual ritual of heading down to the Saturday morning markets and gathered up our vegetables and did the round of our favourite small good vendors, bread, eggs, milk, and a new stall for fresh pasta.
I was sure to get their details and sign up to their lists to watch out for contactless drop zones from them over this period to help the small business out.

We also finished up refilling our containers with dry pasta and jars of chia seeds. We have a stocked freezer and pantry so should be okay. We already practice buying our household cleaning, body care in bulk so should be fine in most cases and it’s good to know that a lot of these stores are essential and won’t be shutting down.

Sunday we did a grocery run for a friend who was unable to get to the supermarket and I made my last Comic Book Store visit to clear my shelf. I hope that they sort out what they’re going to do as running a comic book store is already hard as it is!

This is a very interesting time to be alive. My intention is to write daily to keep a log of what happens over the next four weeks.

I think that writing will be a great way to help process these wild events.

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