Video games and me

I’ve always been into computer games and have played them for as long as I can remember.

When I was very young, we had a commodore 64 with a selection of games on floppy disk and a couple of cartridges. I remember all of the games that we had were very hard.

I enjoyed it when we went to friends’ places, and they had either Amigas or IBM compatibles.

My first console was a Sega Master System 2. We never got a Mega Drive and missed everything in between, and wound up with a Playstation at some point. We moved onto an Xbox and didn’t have another console until the Playstation 3 so that I could play Grand Theft Auto 4.

Outside of those, some of my best gaming memories were on a PC. When we first got a PC, a kid on our block loaded up games, Dune 2 and Simcity 2000. The first two games we got on CD-Rom were Theme Park and Command and Conquer.

To this day, I still love computer games. I only have a little time to play video games as I once did. However, I like to play games each week.

In late 2022 I purchased a Steam Deck, a handheld gaming PC built by Valve to help me play the older games in my Steam Library. This a great little device and has allowed me to play games wherever I am. The Steam Deck is handy for playing a game, but I want to be away from the computer desk.

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