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I've always been into computer games and have played them for as long as I can remember. You can read more about that over here, Video Games And Me.

This page has been a list of game titles for almost four years. I drew inspiration from these game pages to start working on my page.

Simcity 2000

1993 | Maxis | City Building | PC

Simcity 2000 was a game I spent many hours playing at other peoples houses. Around the time of its release we either still had the Commodore 64 and a Sega Master System so it wasn't an option to play at home. When we got our first PC at home a family friend loaded this and Dune II with a bunch of shareware and demo games and I was set. I'd continue playing on and off for years.

Dune II

1992 | Westwood Studios | Real-time Strategy | PC

Dune II was my introduction to real-time strategy games and the concept of Dune. This game set the standard of what RTS games would become and had heavy influences on games like Command & Conquer. I spent hours playing this game. The craziest thing I remember was having to keep an eye on your spice harvestors as they were at risk of being swallowed by the sand worms. Super fustrating losing your last harvester to a worm and having to start a mission all over again.

Command & Conquer

1995 | Westwood Studios | Real-time Strategy | PC

One of the first games we got on CD-ROM once we had our own PC at home running Windows 95. I don't remember how we found out about C&C. We spent a lot of time at an Internet Cafe playing C&C multiplayer (for $20 an hour) but can't remember if that came before or after getting the PC at home. Anyway I either spent hours playing through the campaign by myself or multiplayer with my brother and friends at the Internet Cafe. We didn't have Internet during 1995 but the first thing I remember downloading from the Internet at a family friend's house was a `.bat` file that allowed me to edit the unit properties. In the end it destroyed the fun of playing the game at home. My last memory of this was my save point on the last GDI mission that was right before I lost. I never did end up finishing...

Theme Park

1994 | Bullfrog Productions | Real-time Strategy | Construction and Management Sim | PC

This must have been the second game along side Command & Conquer...

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