Sure Boy - Better

What’s going on Internet? As it’s NZ Music Month, I figured a great post for day 11 of #WeblogPoMo2024 would be to share a favourite local album from last year. Let me introduce you to Better by Sure Boy (sorry, they don’t have a band website yet).

Sure Boy, self-proclaimed as “Wellington’s baddest girl band,” has made a promising start with their first EP, Better. Their music, a refreshing mix of pop and rock, has left me wanting more. After listening to this record on repeat, I can’t wait to see what they’ll be releasing in the future.

Now that my kids are at a decent age and my wife and I should be able to go out in the evening again soon, I’m looking forward to catching them play live next time they tour.

Stay tuned for more local NZ music over the next couple days.

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