Shows I Want To Watch (2024)

What’s going on Internet? It’s been a long day, so for day 8 of WeblogPoMo2024 I’m going to list the shows I want to watch:

  • After The Party: A local drama with rave reviews. Six episodes. I want to sit down and watch them all at once.
  • 3 Body Problem: I smashed through the three audiobooks back in February and am keen to see how it translates to television.
  • Atlanta Season 4: This show gets weirder every season. Season 4 has been sitting here waiting for me to finish watching.
  • Beacon 23: I dunno, looks interesting.
  • Fallout: Heard lots of great things and many people enjoying it. Looks like my kinda show.
  • Mr & Mrs Smith: I want to watch at least the first episode to see if I’m on of the people who like or don’t like this one.
  • Palm Royale: Caught my eye when I accidently scrolled over the Apple TV app.
  • Twisted Metal: Not sure if I’ll like this but willing to give it a go.

This will probably keep me going for the rest of the year, and I’m sure there will be other shows that pop up and occupy my attention.

Is there anything you think I might like? Hit me up!

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