Monthly Recap: March 2023

Hello web surfers, and welcome to March’s recap. This month I started writing blog posts again.

I have spent little time on the website this month, focusing on family and work. I have started trying to write blog posts again and have enjoyed the process. They could be more substantial, but I hope this will get me back into the flow of writing again.

I swapped out my mouse and keyboard for my PC earlier this year. You can read about my experience using Logitech MX on Linux.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season One wrapped up. I wrote a few words covering my achievements during the season. I like this idea and will continue during the following seasons. I’ve been reworking my in-game UI and will post about that before Season Two starts.

As I take a break from World of Warcraft between seasons, the Diablo IV beta was happening over a couple weekends. I shared some notes on getting the Diablo IV Beta running on Pop!_OS. It won’t be much use to anyone now as the beta has finished. It will be helpful to refer to at release if we have to do anything specific to get it running. With the bit of game time I got, I’m really looking forward to playing!

Finally, I spent a lot of time working on my metadata-library after coming across this post by Katy DeCorah. After a lot of support from Katy, I got it up and running, and on the 20th of March, the first automated seasonal post was published. Check it out, 2023 Summer. I’ve got until July to figure out how to format the page nicely; it should be easy to see what data I have available and can use in a Nunjucks template. Expect a post in the future detailing how I set it up.

Things to do: I have created a backlog task to restore all archived posts posted to Flamed Fury over the years. These posts will provide an exciting look into my growth over the decades.

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