Monthly Recap: April 2023

Hello web surfers, and welcome to April’s recap. This month I focused on automating more of Flamed Fury.

While on a break from World of Warcraft, waiting for patch 10.1 and season 2 to begin, I loaded some games onto my Steam Deck in an attempt to play them. Spoiler, I didn’t get too much game time this month. You can check out what I loaded on What’s On My Steam Deck Autumn 2023.

After some inspiration from the 11ty Discord Community, I managed to create my /now page with a bunch of cool automated features to make it dynamic. Some were carried over from the last version of Flamed Fury, and some were new. I wrote about how I did it; check out Building and Automating My Now Page.

Record Store Day happened across the world last weekend. While I didn’t get to check out any of my local record stores, I picked up a record I’ve been after for a while from a local-ish store online. Check out Record Store Day 2023.

Besides that, I’ve been working on my metadata library and considering integrating it with my Collections page. Look out for that over May.

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