Everything Is Recorded: Friday Forever

What’s up, Internet? A timely discussion on the latest episode 110 of Hemispheric Views. During the Media Corner section of the show, host Jason Burke posed an exciting question:

Pick in your mind a perfect album.

And I think it’s mostly open to interpretation, but I’m kind of thinking an album that you would say, you could just start from beginning, let it run all the way through without skipping songs, without moving around, just front to back, and just sit there and do nothing else and just listen to that whole album.

What would that album be in your mind?

This sounded like a perfect topic for today’s #WeblogPoMo post.

My perfect album, which I love to sit down and listen to front to back, is Friday Forever by Everything Is Recorded. I don’t listen to this record on any given day, usually after a night out and wrapping up with a quiet smoke.

Friday Forever takes you on a musical journey from the start of Friday night into the early hours of Saturday morning. The blend of music is described as electronic, downtempo, soul, and trip-hop.

The record takes you on a journey through the joys of a night out. You experience the night’s highs, the comedown and the eventual hangover. Each track is titled with a timestamp as you progress through the night.

Listening to this record takes me back to my early twenties when Friday nights were everything. I remember the thrill of new experiences, the laughter, and the ups and downs of it all - the disappointments and heartbreaks that came with the partying. It’s a reminder of how much I’ve grown since then and the joy and energy that came with living in the moment.

The only track I would listen to outside the album is 03:15AM/CAVIAR (feat. Ghostface Killah & Infinite Coles). This is the track that got me onto this record. I distinctly remember riding my skateboard along the Wellington waterfront, heading to the train station on my way home after a couple of cheeky beers at work. I had that track on repeat the entire way home that evening.

I’m not sure if this record is for everyone, but if you give it a listen, let me know what you think. Check in over the next couple days and I’ll share another perfect album to me.

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