Entourage (2004)

What’s going on Internet? For day 7 of WeblogPoMo2024, I want to remember a television show I enjoyed back in the day, Entourage.

The show ran from 2004 - 2011 for eight seasons and a feature-length film to wrap it up. Mark Wahlberg served as an executive producer, and the show was loosely based on his experiences coming up in Hollywood.

I enjoyed the show back then. It was funny, had a great soundtrack, and featured nice cameo appearances from various celebrities. I watched the movie (at home) when it came out, but I can’t for the life of me remember what happened.
Did Vince finally make it in Hollywood? Did Eric marry his on-and-off-again girlfriend? Did Turtle make it as a manager, and did Drama ever land another role?

Apparently, the show set out to take a satirical look at Hollywood, and by most accounts, reading online, it did a good job. At some point near the end of its run, however, did it turn from award-winning to hated? A quick web search will bring up many reasons why.

Would a show like Entourage work today? Would it be made today? Is there anything similar out there running at the moment? Have you ever watched it? Did you enjoy it? Would it be worth watching again?

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