Covid 19 Lockdown Day 6

Alert Level: Four
Day: 6

I’m getting on top of not jumping on the work computer as soon as I’m done with breakfast in the morning. It is definitely making my mornings less rushed. I’m enjoying recovering the commute time as my own time.

I was shocked and surprised this afternoon by the number of people at the local park up the road. The number of cars driving to it, unpacking bikes like nothing was going on in the world!

Got stuck in a rabbit hole of Cities: Skylines videos again this evening as I start to plan out the perfect highway connection to my new city. Then got a call from an uncle on the other side of the world, a welcome distraction and catch up.

I’ll get to play the game one day 😉

At least I still have time now for some comic books before I doze off.

Stay safe, be kind.

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