Covid 19 Lockdown Day 5

Right, so today was nicer than it was all weekend in that the sun was out. We got up just after 5:30 am this morning to get a headstart of every one else in walking the dogs with the streets to ourselves.

Much less stressful than over the weekend.

By the time midday rolled around and I needed a break from work we head out for another walk, and managed to avoid all other dog walkers.

What I did notice though was with the sheer amount of extra dogs suddenly being walked (see yesterday’s post), there is a huge amount of dog poo lining the side walks. Come on! If you own a dog, and walk it in public, pick up after it! Society will fall in these conditions.

Anyway… Less frantic at work today which was a nice change of pace from last week. Defintely changes going on, but they seemed a lot more managable today.

Worked out just after midday and tried a virtual Body Combat class to try and get my heart rate elevated. It did, just not as much as it would have during a spin class. Damn I miss spin class.

Life is still good at the house, our wonderful flatmate has been baking. Today we got a delicious banana bread loaf, was so good fresh out the oven with some butter!

3 dog walks was a good idea after that.

Might be too late now to play some Cities: Skylines, I shouldn’t have spent the last hour watching Cities: Skylines how-to videos. So it might be off to bed to read some comics.

Stay safe, stay clean, be kind, and pick up after your damn dog!

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