Covid 19 Lockdown Begins

Alert Level: Four
Day: 1

New Zealand has entered Alert Level 4 at 11:59pm 25/03/2020. So I suppose this is technically day 1 of the full lockdown.

I’m absolutely smashed after a mentally exhausting day at work.

Is it still considered being at work?

I’m hoping that it will slow down a bit once everyone gets used to the new situation.

We walked the dogs three times today, managed to avoid the usual drama with other dogs passing by which was nice as it makes the walks so much more enjoyable.

I did another garage work out this evening. Les Mills Virtual Body Pump, release 104, the 45 minute version. I’m actually really enjoying these sessions. My goal by the end of this, whenever that is, is to complete the workout without missing a rep. Stretch goal, increase the weights. Sounds achievable. I still wish I had a spin bike.

Thursday is new comic book day in New Zealand but with the local closed I will not be clearing my shelf tomorrow. I’ll just have to trust that what I do have on order will be there later. I did manage to secure a few issues that I don’t have on my current list from another store, shipping most likely won’t happen until we decrease from

I’ll write up a new pull list post to list what I managed to get this week and then the other issues that I have on order.

The other thing that we’ve been enjoying during our dog walks is spotting all the teddy bears that are popping up in windows across the suburb. A nice activity for both the kids and adults. We’ve joined in on the fun as well. I’m pretty good at spotting them.

I’m going to go help prepare dinner and then might see if I can catch a movie!

Stay safe, stay clean, be kind and don’t be stupid.

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