Early Web Memories

These are the unedited notes of my earliest memories of getting online way back when. Consider this a work in progress and expect the page to change over time.


in 1995 we got our first pentium pc at home. this was shortly after the world wide launch of windows 95. we set the pc up one friday afternoon and that was that. we did not have the internet at home yet, and we didn't have any games installed except for those that came with windows 95.

i stayed up the entire night that night, clicking through every directory, program and menu item i could. i soon had a very good idea of what was what and spawned my interest in computers that would continue for the rest of my life.

it wasn't long before an older kid on our block came over and loaded a bunch of games onto the pc. classic titles such as dune II, and simcity 2000. i had played simcity 2000 at friends houses prior to this and was super stoked to have my own copy to play whenever i could. i also spent a lot of time playing dune II, i really got into the story and played all 3 campaigns, but never finished any of them. i remember getting so far with one faction and saving the game at a point where i lost, forever in a loop of loading and dying. i never played again.

however, these two games led me to buying my very first games on cd-rom; theme park and command and conquer. this changed everything.

we still didn't have internet at home, but some family friends did and there were a few internet cafes that had started opening up around town. it cost $20 for an hour of internet time at these places! dad took me to an internet cafe once and the first thing i searched for on the internet back in 95 was x-men. searching my favourite characters at the time, cyclops, wolverine etc. also had a look at info on x-men cards, 95 fleer ultra was the set i was collecting at the time.

when visiting the family friends one time, i was able to use their computer to surf the web. this time i was fully into command and conquer and managed to find a homepage that had a link to a .bat file that allowed me to modify the units to be faster and have different weapons. i was able to take a copy home on a floppy disk 💾, wow!

i didn't spend much time on the internet back at the cafes though. however, my brother and a couple of friends did spend a lot of time down there playing multiplayer command and conquer and warcraft II. so many fun times, creating rules to ensure that we were able to build up our bases and units before having a huge battle before our hour was up.


some time during 96 dad brought home an external 28.8 kbps modem for dialup internet. it was huge, and connected to the pc through a serial cable. he also had a couple of floppy disks 💾 to setup the internet, yes we installed the internet from a floppy disk 💾. well this installed the dialup connection required to connect to the internet through xtra, and included a copy of netscape navigator and netscape chat. this opened up a whole new world to me...

to be continued

this page draws inspiration from teddie~!.