An 88x31 button is a small graphic image that is used to link to another website. The buttons are called 88x31 buttons because they are 88 pixels wide and 31 pixels tall. These buttons were commonly used in the early days of the web to promote websites and to help people navigate from one site to another.

The idea behind an 88x31 button is that it would be placed on a website, and when someone clicked on it, they would be taken to the website to which the button was linked. Website owners often used these buttons to promote their own sites or to link to other websites that they found interesting and valuable.

88x31 buttons were trendy in the late 1990s and early 2000s but have largely been replaced by other methods of linking to websites, such as text links and banner ads. However, they are still used by some websites as a way to provide a small, unobtrusive link to another site.

They were introduced by Netscape, an early web browser, in the late 1990s. They quickly became popular with websites such as Geocities, a popular hosting service for personal websites that existed during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Geocities and similar services allowed users to create their own homepages and customise them with various features, including 88x31 buttons.

They have made a comeback in recent years thanks to personal homepage creators and communities like Neocities and the Yesterweb.

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88x31 button resources

A collection of links to 88x31 button resources. Some old, some new.


https://sillydog.org/netscape/now.html An old Netscape button and badge gallery archive.

https://cyber.dabamos.de/88x31/ A collection of 3855 classic 88x31 buttons from the 1990s, 2000s, and today.

https://anlucas.neocities.org/88x31Buttons A collection of more than 700 88x31 web buttons from the 1990’s and 2000’s, including the famous “Netscape NOW” and “Internet Explorer” buttons as well as various other buttons for websites of past and present.

https://neonaut.neocities.org/cyber/88x31 Neonaut has collected, and linked to over 2000 homepages on Neocities. Each has their own 88x31 button. Sorted alphabetically.

https://yesterweb.org/graphics/buttons The Yesterweb’s 88x31 button collection. Buttons only, no links.

https://capstasher.neocities.org/88x31collection-page1 A project to become the largest collection of 88x31 buttons on the Internet. Currently spread across 14 pages.

https://88x31.kate.pet/ Kate’s collection of 88x31 buttons. When a button is clicked, it copies the HTML to your clipboard.

https://github.com/NezbednikSK/88x31-Buttons A Github repo of 88x31 buttons. You will find most of them are the same from the links above. Cloning the repo would be an easy way to download them all easily.


https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27500624 A Hacker News discussion of 88x31 buttons and other 90s Web trends.

https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=33793273 Another Hacker News discussion of 88x31 buttons.

https://www.xpforums.com/threads/my-love-for-the-88x31-buttons-aka-as-the-now-buttons.934286/ A 2020 discussion of 88x31 on a Windows XP forum.


https://hekate2.github.io/buttonmaker/ An 88x31 button generator.

https://sadgrl.online/projects/88x31-button-maker sadgrl’s 88x31 button maker.

http://www.n-sane.net/88x31-buttons.php An old photoshop resources website (last active 2007) that includes a page of 88x31 button templates.