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  • Instant Messaging On XMPP

    I'm having a blast instant messaging like it is 1998

  • Instant Messaging

    I miss dedicated instant messaging apps

  • Blogging Anonymously

    Exploring the benefits of blogging with and using a pseudonym online, how it still enables me to build meaningful relationships world wide with others who share similar interests.

  • CSS Naked Day 2024

    Quick rundown on how Flamed Fury held up during CSS Naked Day 2024

  • Making Websites Should Be Easy

    Creating a website can be daunting, especially for if you're not a developer. This is a summary of a conversation with Sara Joy. Our vision is to make it easy for anyone to create a beautiful and functional website.

  • A Simple Guide to Redirects on Neocities with Eleventy

    We need more tutorials for using Eleventy outside of Netlify. Lets take a look at setting up redirects on Neocities with Eleventy.

  • An Easy Web

    The web needs to be easier for everyone, not just developers.

  • Relics Of The Web

    Blogrolls, buttons, and webrings. Remnants from an earlier Internet era. How do they function in today’s digital landscape?

  • Build Personal Websites

    I'm a big fan of websites created from pure enjoyment, free of a monetised agenda. Website creation should revolve around fun.

  • Encouraging Small Website Discoverability

    Response to "The Small Website Discoverability Crisis"

  • Embracing the Beauty of the Web

    Response to "What is the Web Revival"

  • The Art of Hyperlinking

    Are your hyperlinks meaningful?

  • Own Your Web: What’s in a Name?

    When creating a website, the most crucial decision a webmaster makes is not the design or content, but rather its name and domain.

  • On Blogs and Digital Gardens

    Exploring the evolving landscape of the personal website. What are contrasts in content curation, the nature of personal blogging, and the concept of digital gardens?

  • Show Some Love: Supporting Your Favourites

    Support a free and open web by supporting the projects that you love.

  • Early Web Memories

    My recount of my earliest memories of being on and growing up on the web.

  • I Love The Web

    I love the web and I think everybody should have their own homepage.

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