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  • Instant Messaging On XMPP

    I'm having a blast instant messaging like it is 1998

  • Instant Messaging

    I miss dedicated instant messaging apps

  • App Defaults

    Episode 097 of the Hemispheric Views podcast held a fun Duel of the Defaults! competition. Here’s my list.

  • Buying DRM-Free Audiobooks

    Unlock the world of audiobooks without the drama of DRM.

  • DRM-Free Audiobooks

    Discover the freedom of DRM-free audiobooks and explore how to listen to them on your terms.

  • Show Some Love: Supporting Your Favourites

    Support a free and open web by supporting the projects that you love.

  • Network link aggregation on Synology and Unifi

    My notes on creating a bonded interface for link aggregation on a Unifi switch and Synology NAS.

  • Synology DS923

    A quick look into my new Synology DS923+ NAS.

  • Logitech MX on Linux

    When it comes to computer peripherals, I use Logitech. Keyboards, mice, headsets - they’re all Logitech. But how do you take advantage of them when Logitech doesn't provide Linux drivers or software?

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