🎧 Tickets to my Downfall - Machine Gun Kelly

Page created on 25/09/2020 and last modified on 25/01/2021

Tickets to my Downfall - Machine Gun Kelly

Never paid much attention to MGK, was aware of him and had a laugh when Eminem clapped back at him years later after something he said years ago.

However, this year I stumbled upon his video Bloody Valentine and instantly found my self rocking out.

This was definitely a throw back to late 90s, early 00s pop punk that reminded me of fun times in my teenage years. The album is short and sweet clocking in at 36 minutes. This has enabled me to have over a dozen listens so far since its release last Friday.

The two listed interludes were great, and helped with the flow of the album in terms of context, the skit at the end of lonely was fine for 1 listen through but I found myself skipping on further listens, but I always listen ot banyan tree.

Favourite Tracks

Yeah, that's pretty much the whole album.

Favourite Lines

Like handprints in wet cement
She touched me, it's permanent
-- bloody valentine

I can feel you from the waist down
There's a movie on with no sound
-- jawbreaker

Because also
If the world was coming to an end
I don't wanna close my eyes without
Feeling like I lived
-- banyan tree - interlude, machine gun kelly & megan fox