it's dark and hell is hot

welcome to it's dark and hell is hot, my tribute to the late american rapper, DMX.

rest in peace DMX, 1970 - 2021

earl simmons, darkman x, better known as DMX was one of the greatest rappers to ever pick up a microphone, a legend from yonkers, ny. i first started getting into DMX around 99 and a lot of his music was present during many of the amazing times during my formative years. you would often hear dmx blasting out the windows of my car as me and my friends cruised through town. today (09/04/2021) will be a day of nothing but dmx for me. peace.

DMX biography

DMX was an american rapper and actor. he released his debut album it's dark and hell is hot in may 98, and shortly after released his second album flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood in december 98.


DMX kicked off his run in 98 and continued until 2001 with 4 classic albums, although one could argue this run lasted until 2003 with his 5th album.


i'm currently building my dmx mixtape for this page, howver you can check it out over on spotify.

listen to my dmx mixtape on spotify

DMX facts

ruff ryders

the ruff ryders were a collective of hip hop artists and later, a record label. ruff ryders began as the managers of DMX and the LOX. the record label was started following the success of DMX and helped support serveral artists with their own success.

the members of ruff ryders were:

DMX quotes

all i know is pain, all i feel is rain how can i maintain with that shit on my brain
- "ruff ryder's anthem"

don't came at me wit no bullshit, use caution cause when i wet shit, i dead shit, like abortions
- "n****z done started something"

my lord, my saviour, don't judge my behaviour but instead, take what's in my heart and put it in my head see i guess i really never knew, how proud i made you my life is yours, my soul i gave you
- "angel"

we get away with it everyday shit
but everyday shit catches up with you and when it does you can't say shit
now i know only i can stop the rain
- "the rain"

as ima go through, whatever you want me to just let me know what to do, lord give me a sign
- "lord give me a sign"

DMX commemorations

a selection of articles to commemorate the passing of earl simmons, aka DMX.

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