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music has always been a huge part of my life.

i'm happy listening to almost anything, my number one absolute joy when it comes to music for as long as i can remember has been rap music. the way they take words, twist them, make them fit a scheme, the complete mastery of language is super awesome to me. second to the words are the beats, from the energetic, to the chilling to the haunting, music that moves me.

then there's pop-punk, punk rock, alt-rock, whatever it is. you know the songs with that nasely accent and the elongated pronunciation of words? the music that embraces (most of the time) the fun things in life, partying, skating, surfing. especially the ones i can sing along to, but also heartbreak. i'm glad to have recently found a new era of artists following this style of music.

dance music, i've tasted this over the last few decades with a long affair with hard dance, damn what a time to be alive that was. many nights spent form dawn to dawn with smiles, and hugs, and laughs.

and don't forget pop music. i love the formulaic construction of a banger, songs that are catchy and fun to sing along to. don't get me wrong, some of it is horrible, but i can find joy in most of it.

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these are the albums that have impacted me in one way or another throughout my life.

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