What's Next?

Alert Level: Four
Day: 12

While I’ve been isolating for 19 days now, the country has been in the Alert Four lockdown for 12 days but it looks like that we’re being advised not to set ourselves high expectations that we’ll be coming out of this after the original four weeks.

Even if the alert level was dropped down to three we would still be in heavy restrictions of social contact, lots of shops will remain closed and most business that can operate remotely will continue to do so.

I’m not in a hurry myself to end this. It will be interesting to then see how we continue if we manage to stamp out the virus within our borders, how we go about keeping those borders closed, especially if the virus is still rampaging across the rest of the world.

Some of the crazy effects of the virus has been the extreme reduction in greenhouse emissions and other effects on the environment. I like how the article explores that once we come out of this crisis that we take the opportunity to rebuild our society that we wish to live rather than going back to how it was.

I’m really not sure how that’s going to go.

It also seems that some people are getting complacent after a couple weeks and are taking risks as they think the worst of it is over. That’s a rant for another night when I have the energy.

I really still feel for those affected by having caught the virus, and those who are simply out of work and financial stability or even driven further into a financial loss as a result.

While I’m personally still in a good position, it has been an incredibly taxing time. I’ll continue to meditate, exercise and eat well to make sure that I can keep on top of this.

I’m thankful that tonight I’m able to sit in front of the television down after a mentally exhausting day at work and just unwind and just try not to think about stuff for an hour or two.

Stay safe, stay strong, be kind.

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