Went to the Supermarket

Alert Level: Four
Day: 18

As I wasn’t working today I ventured out of the neighbourhood and down to the supermarket this afternoon. It was a relatively eventless adventure and no queuing or waiting to get into the store. It was jarring to see the empty shelves throughout the store. While I managed to get almost everything we needed it’s crazy to me to think that this would ever be the situation, wow!

Mentally preparing myself to log back into work tomorrow. I better make a start on that book I said I was going to start this weekend 😉

New Zealand saw a 5th death today, but only 19 new cases, this brings the total number of cases to 1349 since Covid-19 was first identified in the country.

Rest assured that Covid-19 isn’t even enough to keep the idiots at home. What are these people thinking? It was good to see that the police were out enforcing the lockdown. Also interesting to see that no deaths were recorded on the roads this year. Easter is usually a busy time for car crashes. While typing that I realised I best confirm this tomorrow as the Easter weekend doesn’t officially finish until 6am tomorrow morning.

Hope all is well for everyone out there, keep staying safe and calm!

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