Pray For Paris

Alert Level: Four
Day: 22

I’ve been hitting refresh all day waiting for Westside Gunn - Pray For Paris to drop. It finally hit at 4pm and I am loving the first listen through.

I’ve added it to the top of my playlist This Is: Griselda Records, go give it a listen and a follow.

This is the type of rap music I like.

Also the JBP Boys are back. I sure missed them the last week and a half 😂

Covid-19 wise we’re getting closer to downgrading to Alert Level Three. Lots of controversy in the air about this though.

I’ve come to terms with the lockdown and am quite happy staying in my bubble. I do miss takeout when I don’t feel like cooking but have found some decent frozen food at the super market to scratch that itch.

I’ve managed to finish Ozark S2 and looking forward to S3 based on that ending! Have a couple more episodes of Mr Robot to finish and then find something else to line up.

Having a read up on how to do book reports as I really want to start writing up some book reports for some of these comics I’ve been reading recently.

Plans for this weekend, exercise, 🐩 walking, beer, pizza and Cities Skylines.

Don’t be stupid out there.

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