Monthly Recap: November 2023

Hello web surfers, and welcome to November’s recap.

This month, I found inspiration and focused time, resulting in seven posts:

  • The Woman In Me: I eagerly anticipated this book and enjoyed it in audiobook format. I shared a few thoughts about it.
  • App Defaults: Robb kicked this this post trend following Episode 097 of the Hemispheric Views podcast. I found it engaging to participate.
  • Warcraft, The Worldsoul Saga: With BlizCon concluded, there was a flurry of news about World of Warcraft, including details about the next three expansions.
  • Own Your Web: What’s in a Name?: Matthias new newsletter, Own Your Web, has been an enjoyable read. I felt compelled to contribute, and my website became the platform for that.
  • The Art of Hyperlinking: After reading an intriguing post elsewhere, I penned down my thoughts on the art of hyperlinking.
  • Embracing the Beauty of the Web: Another response post, this time contemplating “The Web Revival” and my place within its categories.
  • Encouraging Small Website Discoverability: A response post discussing website discoverability, sparked by an older post by Marginalia.

I found lots of inspiration within the small and independent web this month. There are several drafts I intend to expand into finished posts during December.

This past month, I signed up with Tinylytics, providing insights into the traffic received by these posts. However, I encountered an issue with Webmentions. Although I observed numerous Webmentions on, they weren’t displaying on my website. Addressing this glitch will be a priority, as I value the community connection they foster.

Regarding Webmentions and the connection among personal websites, I’ve been intrigued by @Devastatiarecent endeavor: This platform aims to facilitate services for a hashtag and mention system among personal websites. I’m curious to see how it unfolds.

In the meantime, I’ll strive to fix the Webmentions issue.

Should you respond to anything I’ve written, feel free to send me an email. I love to hear from people who read what I write.

Amid family engagements, I’ve initiated a new side project: the 32-Bit Blog Club for the 32-Bit Cafe. The objective is to compile a specific blog club feed from our members’ sites into a single feed for subscribers. We’ll offer 1-2 prompts monthly to encourage more blogging on personal websites, fostering communication and connection among our members. I’m excited to complete this project and share it with everyone.

That concludes everything for this month. Until next time!

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