Monthly Recap: May 2023

Hello web surfers, and welcome to May’s recap.

I wrote two new posts; they both look into audiobooks, where I get my audiobooks and how audiobooks have changed my listening habits. Where Do You Get Your Audiobooks? and How Have Your Listening Habits Changed?.

I cleared my backlog of new music and added thirteen new records to the vinyl collection on the Recordshelf.

I retrofitted the old shelf pages into their own posts. I liked what I wrote on each subject but didn’t feel the words fit where I wanted to take the shelf pages. The Recordshelf became The music and me, the Bookshelf became Books and me, the Gameshelf became Video games and me, and the Comic Rack became Comics and me. Moving these short essays to their own posts pages has allowed me to revamp the Collections page. I’m more excited to develop this section with new dynamic and automated content.

Finally, I spent an afternoon catching up with the upstream changes to Eleventy Excellent.

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