Monthly Recap: June 2023

Hello web surfers, and welcome to June’s recap. We’re already 13 days into July; time flies…

I wrote four posts:

  • Adding game cover art to my /now page that describes how I took a simple unordered list of my recently played games into a grid that features beautiful cover art and a link to the game’s store page using a combination of eleventy-fetch and the Steam API.
  • Dragonflight Season Two Recap that explores the achievements and goals I hit during World of Warcraft: Dragonflights second season.
  • Synology DS923 where I take a quick look at my new Synology DS923+ NAS and why I purchased it.
  • Network link aggregation on Synology and Unifi where I share notes from creating a bonded network link between my Unifi switch and Synology NAS to refer to at a later date or help anyone who is looking to do the same.

I spent some time fixing up the Seasonal Post template just in time for the automatically generated Autumn 2023 post. It looks a lot better than the first iteration.

Two new vinyls were added to the Recordshelf collection; Britney’s Greatest Hits: My Prerogative and The GZA’s solo debut Liquid Swords. I was stoked to pick up Liquid Swords as this is my favourite solo Wu album.

I spent a bit of time looking into the RaiderIO API to add to my /now page and keep my Warcraft progress automatically updated. I’ve encountered a problem where I can fetch my character data with Eleventy-fetch, but I cannot call or render the data in my Nunjucks loops. I’ll spend more time on this during July and hopefully get that out the door soon.

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