Monthly Recap: January 2023

Hello web surfers and welcome to January’s recap. This month has been all about refreshing existing pages and writing new pages in preparation for the new website design (coming soon).

The Web Manifesto page was edited and rewritten. I’ve updated my thoughts on the topics to reflect my current thinking.

I rewrote and updated the Comic Rack, Bookshelf, and Recordshelf pages.

I created a bunch of new pages for the new Explore section; Check out the Webrings and Buttonwall pages.

Webrings were a big part of Web discovery. I’ve written a few paragraphs on this page about what they are and how they work. One of the three webrings that I am part of has been archived. I will re-assess and add the remaining active webrings soon.

Like webrings, buttons, especially the 88x31 buttons, were a big part of Web discovery. For this page, I searched the depths of the Web for information on their origin, popularity and how they were used and wrote a couple of paragraphs. I’ve included a collection of buttons that link to the personal home pages of fellow web surfers I know or admire. I also dumped a bunch of links that I found during my research; I’ll organise them later.

Finally, this week I’ve spent a couple of hours updating my Vinyl Collection page to fit the upcoming new website design. I’m still determining whether I like having it directly under the Recordshelf page, which is part of the Collections section or whether it should move to a new area I have on the planning board. It made sense to live here with the old design. With the new design, maybe not.

This gets me thinking about information architecture… This makes an excellent point for having a personal website. It’s easy for me to change anything whenever I feel like it. We’ll see. What would the repercussions of changing a URL of a live page be?

Similar to the other new and updated pages, I’ve added a few paragraphs on why I like vinyl as a medium for music. I hope this adds some personality to the page and that you (the web surfers) reading can relate as you browse the collection.

I’ve moved all the vinyl metadata to its own JSON file in the _data directory. The vinyl-collection template renders it nice and tidy.

Future plans: Take photos of my collection, including pictures of the covers, sleeves, vinyl and anything else that makes the record unique.

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