How have your listening habits changed?

I’ve read 38 books so far in 2023.

I’ve managed to read this many books in 5 months due to switching to audiobooks as the primary way that I read books.

Lately, I’ve stopped listening to some podcasts that no longer entertain me. I listen to less music while walking the dogs, driving alone, or doing household chores.

On Fridays, I enjoy listening to my release radar playlist on Spotify during my dog walk, and I usually listen to music more often on weekends. However, when I’m with my family, I prefer to play music since they wouldn’t want to hear me read a book in bits and pieces.

I always prioritize listening to new podcasts as soon as they come out.

Otherwise, I spend most of my time listening to audiobooks. Have you transitioned to audiobooks yet?

How have your listening habits changed?

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