Hear me out: The Whopper is the best type of burger

Get ready for a tasty journey celebrating the unbeatable Whopper. Now, I’m not just expressing love for BK’s Whopper; it’s the medley of ingredients that makes it a top-tier burger.

Picture this: a sesame seed bun cradling a flame-grilled beef patty, cloaked in a slice of cheese, adorned with the crunch of pickles, the juiciness of tomatoes, the crispness of sliced onions, the freshness of lettuce, all harmonised by a drizzle of mayonnaise. That, my friends, is the Whopper magic.

Enter the original Whopper with Cheese from the royal chambers of Burger King, where flame-grilled beef reigns supreme, crowned with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickles, and sliced onions, all nestled in a soft sesame seed bun. Is it actually the best burger experience out there though? Probably not.

Luckily, here in Te Awa Kairangi, there are lots of local options for burger enthusiasts, there’s an art to crafting Whopper-like experiences at various joints. It’s about knowing the secret handshake, or rather, how to hack the menu.

  • McDonald’s presents The Boss, a heavyweight contender with two quarter-pound beef patties, dual cheeses, lettuce, onion, tomato, ketchup, and mustard on a sesame seed bun. A tweak or two, and we might just be able to summon a Whopper variation.

  • My personal favourite, Dirty Burger, lacks a designated Whopper, but fear not. I start with the Plain Jane and add ketchup, mayo, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. They opt for brioche over sesame seed buns, a minor deviation from perfection.

  • Then there’s Gorillaburger, sans a Whopper clone on their menu. Fear not, with The O.G and a couple of tweaks, we create a Whopper clone by adding lettuce and tomato. Just note, no mayo here. I hope that the gorillas sauce comes through!

  • Burger Fuel’s C N Cheese is a combination of pure grass-fed NZ beef, melted cheddar, truffle mascarpone, grated parmesan, salad, relish, and Burger Fuel Aioli on a sesame seed bun. Just get rid of the Parmesan and mascarpone, add some pickle and that should be a pretty decent Whopper clone.

  • Travelling to Burger Wisconsin, we can start with the Wisconsin W/ Cheese, boasting Angus beef, Colby cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, and sweet tomato relish on a wholemeal sesame seed bun. We’re most of the way there, just add in some pickle.

  • A newcomer on the scene, Cheddar, dazzles with a Cheddar Burger featuring beef, cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce, red onion, and tomato on a potato bun. A dash of ketchup, and behold—a Cheddar Whopper has entered the arena.

What about home burgers? The Whopper’s classic combo isn’t just for fast food. I’ve embraced it at home, and you can too. Check out Kenji’s Homemade Burger King Whopper-Style Cheeseburgers for some home burger alchemy.

So, whether you’re exploring local joints or your kitchen, let the spirit of the Whopper guide your taste adventure. It’s not just a burger; it’s an experience, a delicious ode to flavors that make the Whopper a burger kingdom gem.

And hey, join me on my new project “WhopperQuest,” where we’ll uncover the world of Whopper-inspired burgers. Stay tuned for tasty tales, rankings, and the diverse wonders that define the Whopper experience.

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