Embracing the Beauty of the Web

In a recent post shared with the 32-bit Cafe community, What is the Web Revival, Lian delves into the growing phenomenon known as “the Web Revival.”

“The Web Revival” encapsulates the hobby or loosely-knit subculture centred around Internet technology, particularly the Web. You might not even realise that you’re part of this movement, but if you’re building and maintaining your personal home page, congratulations—you’re contributing to the revival.

Lian identifies a common sentiment among Web Revivalists: acknowledging that the web today has its drawbacks, yet it can be a beautiful and valuable tool if used correctly. The shared vision is clear: making the World Wide Web a great place again.

I hold a slightly contrary view—I believe the Web is inherently beautiful, but, like many things in life, it’s often surrounded by less savoury elements. My goal aligns with making the World Wide Web a positive space for everyone.

The post categorizes different “cliques” within the Web Revival, such as:

  • The “90s Web”
  • The Anti-Capitalists
  • The Socialites
  • The Artists
  • The Minimalists

Thinking about these classifications, I find myself identifying with the “Anti-Capitalist” and “Minimalist” cliques.

I deeply oppose the idea that everything you do, especially on the Web, needs to be monetised. The homogenisation of the Internet into a handful of platforms, often defining the entire online experience for many, is something I resist. Ad-tech has eroded the wonder of what the Web could be.

I champion a Web where information takes centre stage, but I also appreciate quality, high-resolution imagery, and steering clear of the chaotic blinking and flashing graphics reminiscent of the “90s Web” clique. I value smart, efficient, and accessible websites that are easy to read and navigate. For those lacking a reader-friendly experience, I resort to reader views or inject my own CSS to enhance the reading pleasure.

At the end of the day, my message echoes a familiar refrain: if you have the means and the ability, secure a domain, get hosting, create a website, and start sharing your thoughts. Communicate with fellow web surfers through your platform.

So, which “Revival Clique” resonates with you? Let’s continue the discussion and share your perspective.

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