Dark Wolverine

Alert Level: Four
Day: 11

I’m mostly caught up with Marvel Unlimited new releases at the moment so I spent some time over the weekend reading back issues. One that came up in suggestions was Dark Wolverine which was a run during the Dark Reign event where superheroes were out and supervillains were in.

If you were not aware, Wolverine lived for a time in Japan with his wife and they had a son, Daken. The wife was killed and Wolverine assumed their son with her. Daken grew up dark and biter hating his dad.

So, during Dark Wolverine, we follow Daken as he takes up his fathers mask when he has been recruited into Normon Osborn’s Dark Avengers team.

I’m enjoying the story and will most likely go back and read other runs through this event but I realised that I really don’t like Daken. Too manipulative and cocky for my liking.

The sun was out all weekend, this was great. I spent almost four hours out in the yard weeding and doing the lawns. Still a lot of work to do but it looks much better out in the yard.

Didn’t specifically workout today aside from a stretching and mobility session in the morning. We clocked in around 5km over two dog walks, hopefully, they didn’t mind not doing a third.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with all the COVID-19 news lately but will start paying more attention to it this week to gain an understanding on where we are at as a country now and what the next four weeks may look like. I’m keen to understand whether the last couple weeks of isolation have helped curb the spread.

Anyway, time to watch some Ozark before bed.

Stay safe, stay strong.

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