Covid 19 Lockdown Day 4

Alert Level: Four Day: 4

Continued to rain over night, the dogs didn’t want anything to do with anything that meant that they had to go outside.

The sun came out after 2pm so we took the opportunity to walk them, along with every other family who has a dog in the neighbourhood… I have a hard time understanding where these dogs were during the non quarantine days, did they not just get walked at all? I would have thought that after 10 years of walking dogs around the neighbourhood at all times of the day I’d have a good idea of what dogs were around.

I spent the morning stretching and working out, a cooked breakfast and then I got stuck into playing Cities: Skylines on Steam. Have just managed to get myself off so I can get some sleep before another week of working remote begins. What a fun game!

I’m hoping to take it a bit easier this week. Everyone should be settled in by now. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay clean, be kind, stay dry.

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