Comic Book Pull List October 2019

I’ve decided to jump back into comic book collecting with Hickman’s reboot of X-Men. I’m jumping in right now at the end of the House of X / Powers of X storyline that sets the X-Men’s story up for the next 30 years.

I’m going to have to spend some time tracking down some of the earlier issues. I should have really responded faster to this as the #1’s and #2’s are quite scarce now and I don’t want the variant covers.

Right, and so to get back into the spirit of comic book collecting I’m going to start picking up all the new X-Men titles with their original covers.

My intention is to keep the books themselves in pristine condition. I will be boarding and bagging them and won’t actually read them until they come out on Marvel Unlimited.

Anyway, I usually clear my shelf at the comic book store every Friday. However, I’ll be keeping a record of my pull list right here at the end of every month rather than weekly as some weeks are lighter than others.

Comic Book Pull List #1 (October 2019)

  • House of X #6
  • Powers of X #6
  • X-men #1
  • Marauders #1
  • Excalibur #1

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