Chill Easter Sunday During Covid-19

Alert Level: Four
Day: 17

It’s been a pretty chill day up here for us. The wind was out and that kept people indoors giving us some distraction-free 🐩 walks around the neighbourhood.

The only news media I read today was from Radio New Zealand: Another drop in new confirmed and probable cases.

No new deaths, more recoveries, but expecting more deaths in the days to come.

NZ COVID-10 Statistics 1:10pm Sunday APril 12
Photo: RNZ

It’s semi re-assuring that while the world seems to be getting worse, here in New Zealand we are in a pretty good position.

We enjoyed some homemade hot cross buns this afternoon. These were made with chocolate chips rather than raisins. They were 💯 times better than traditional hot cross buns and I did not restrain myself from enjoying

Have spent several hours behind the scenes tweaking the website, started many drafts to help get my writing ✍️ buzz on.

Looking forward to dinner.

Take care, stay safe.

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