Bad Boys For Life

Alert Level: Four
Day: 10

Even in lockdown, the weekends seem to go quicker than ever. Clocks go back an hour tomorrow so there is that bonus. I will be getting up early to get the smoker started before walking the dogs.

Today was pretty low effort. Got up walked the dogs, jumped back in bed to read some comics in between snoozing. The dogs do love a good sleep in, as long as they’ve been walked and fed.

Did a bunch of housework, dusting and vacuuming. Dust is crazy, I really can’t stand it.

Actually left the neighbourhood for the first time in a week, had to drop some fresh fruit off to my grandma at her home. They’re in complete lockdown so no visiting. I was able to see her through the window and give her an update and get a supply order for next week. That was nice.

After a wonderful lasagne dinner, I finally got around to watching Bad Boys for Life. Was a fun movie even if it was crazy over the top. I really did enjoy it and glad that I made the time for it.

My city in Skylines is going well, close to hitting 5000 population. Spent some time this afternoon playing with highway connections and establishing a forestry industry. Maybe some more time in there tomorrow.

After I mow the lawns and tidy up outside I guess…

Stay safe, stay strong, be kind.

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