2023 Spring

The books I read, playlist I made, and articles I read this Spring.


Book Cover for Revan: Star Wars Legends (The Old Republic)
Book Cover for The Internet Con
Book Cover for Poor People With Money
Book Cover for Excellent Advice for Living
Book Cover for Most Dope
Book Cover for Revenge of the Sith
Book Cover for Extremely Online
Book Cover for The Woman in Me
Book Cover for Mating in Captivity
Book Cover for Capture the Sun
Book Cover for Trading In Danger
Book Cover for System Collapse
Book Cover for War of the Scaleborn (World of Warcraft: Dragonflight)
Book Cover for Sure, I'll Join Your Cult
Book Cover for Muslim Girl
Book Cover for Weird but Normal
Book Cover for Cult of the Dead Cow
Book Cover for The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August


  • Love Language
    Amila - Life Changes
  • Stay Golden
    Erny Belle - Stay Golden
  • Sister
    Mermaidens - Sister
  • Body
    Isla Noon - Body
  • This Love
    Cassie Henderson - The Pink Chapter
  • Casanova
    L.A.B. - Casanova
  • Bigger
    Fazerdaze - Bigger
  • VIP
    Elipsa - VIP
  • Te Piringa
    Len Blake, Casual Healing - Te Piringa
  • Party for 1
    Olivia Foa'i - Party for 1
  • Antidote
    Office Dog - Spiel
  • no one thinks we're cool
    First Reserve - no one thinks we're cool
  • Me
    IA - Me
  • Te Aroha Mōu
    Georgia Lines - Te Aroha Mōu
  • So True / Koia Ko Koe
    The Black Seeds - So True / Koia Ko Koe
  • Gone Again
    Leah Kelsey, Alice Tozer - Gone Again
  • The Spirit Is Willing
    Miriam Clancy - The Spirit Is Willing
  • Saved Me
    Janine - Saved Me
  • Carousel
    Paige - King Clown
  • Highway
    Summer Thieves - Cigarettes In Space
    Vana - DIE FOR ME!
    Avantdale Bowling Club, DUSTY & GHOS - TREES: The Remix EP
  • Sour Lips
    Mermaidens - Mermaidens
  • Huwi
    Dallas Tamaira - Levels
  • lightbeam
    Jessica Leigh - LIGHTBEAM


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