links 🔗

i love surfing the web, these are some of my favourite links

cool sites

collection of websites that i find useful for various interests.

discogs album information, largest music database online. huge market place for music reselling, love it for tracking down vinyl.
genius huge lyrics database. used to be just rap music, but now offers all genres. use it for checking out what the actualy lyrics are after singing something completely wrong for days after listening to a song.
imdb have used imdb for decades to check out movie infomation, cross reference actresses and check to see if that was actually them in that movie.
fandom huge database of pop culture.
tmdb movie and television meta data.
bandcamp an online record store and music community for fans to discover, connect with, and directly support the artists making awesome music.
a book apart brief books for people who design, write, and code. have been a fan of this crowd ever since first stumbling upon a list apart way back when. these books are fantastic if you're into writing, designing or coding!


sadness my favourite is reading through sadgrls manifesto and new old web pages. sadgrl has a bunch of fun projects on the go so be sure to check them out. a fun site to explore and get lost in.
teddie a whimsical collection of shrines, dreams and other nostalgic stuff. my favourite is to read the meomoirs which recount memories of a web of yesterday.
cinderpeach a wonderfully crafted homepage full of flashing glittery graphics.
cinni another whimsically styled homepage with shrines, graphics, and other web goodies to explore and download.
grafo self described symphonic metal & midi romance. packed full of homemade music and short stories to explore.
eris complete with an esoteric design, a homepage full of poems, original graphics and essasy.
lulu cleverly put together! love the punk show bathrooms page.

the small web

make your own independent website victoria explores the joys of creating your own personal website.
internet homesteading this page is part of an online course run through the hyperlink acadamy. displayed here are the results of the participants lovingly hand crafted projects from the course. some interesting sites to explore.

interesting articles

a small collection of articles that i've read and found interesting enough to share so that you can all read them as well.

Pop Punk & Linguistics a linguistics professors analysis of the american pop punk accent. great read.
The Rise & Fall of Internet Art Communities a deep dive into the rise and fall of art communities of the early web.
the web is ruined and i ruined it a very deep dive into a time in the 90s where the web changed for better or worse. read it and decided for yourself.

digital gardens

digital gardens are all about cultivating thoughts and ideas in public. i guess a lot of what we're doing in handcrafting our websites in the yesterweb community are similar to this, but with less structure. these are the resources i found during my resarch into the idea.

Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet a look into people who are creating and cultivating their own digital gardens online.
my blog is a digital garden, not a blog joel takes us through how his blog is not in fact a blog, but a digital garden. it's different. really.
digital gardening maggie has put together a great collection of gardeners who are publicly tending theri digital notes on the interwebs. also has a great number of digital garden resources
digital gardens tom takes us through the his thoughts and process for building personal wikis to tend to personal knowledge
boffo socko wikis list of all wiki related posts, have not explored all of them yet.
rosie campbell digital garden rosie uses obsidian publish to create her digital garden. public notes and knowledge base featuring articles, quotes, advice and recipes.

link directories

what the world wide web was made for. pages on pages hyperlinking hypertext in as many ways possible.

href.cool the final heartbeats of our beloved www. a hand curated list of links in the style of old yahoo. lots of interesting homepages to get lost in.
smooth sailing a web directory and listing for all kinds of websites
weird wide webring not quite a link directory, however it is a great little collection of interesting links to mostly personal homepages.
archive of our own an archive featuring a huge collection of fandom type content. i don't even know where to begin with this one.
xxiivv webring a webring collecting hand-crafted wikis and portfolios. designer, developer focused. 157 listens with some gems in there.
webring a webring collecting hand-crafted wikis and portfolios. designer, developer focused. 157 listings with some gems in there.
december communications, inc a rather large, long running, website. includes a hand curated (i think) web directory. wow. so many links to all corners of the world wide web. let me know if you find anything awesome in there.
gossip's web a decent directory of handmade webpages. some really interesting and clever pages in there.
terra a decently sized directory with like 98 categories? so many pages to explore!

interesting weblogs

a collection of blogs that i've come across during me travels across the world wide web. some are active, some are not, but each of these has contained at least one or two articles or posts that i have found interesting.

laura kalbag laura is a designer who has published a book covering accessibility. she is one part of the small tech foundation. her blog is full of some great interesting stuff.
patrick collison really simple blog with an interesting range topics making up the content. patrick is very thoughtful. not your typical dev blog...
sirodoht blog a few interesting articles, the most interesting to me was the one on ideal blog platforms and the other on the mataroa webring. materoa seems to be a simple blogging engine the author has created.
scott hanselman looks like an old blogger template. lots of great articles on various topics. i enjoy their yearly developer and power user tool lists.
elliot's computer a really interesting wild take on how to hand craft your homepage!
static/blog a few posts on various developer things. my fav was the 10 things i've learned while building this website, touches on some 11ty topics
tom hackshaw not sure if i should categorise this one as a blog as it's so much more. a manifesto (which is awesome by the way), a living wiki, a bookshelf (yay) as well as a blog.
dennis mai a nice looking website where dennis shares a bunch of his projects, webrings and a selection of articles.
paul graham simple looking website with a heap of content. some really interesting essays amongst a bunch of other stuff.