We Need More Mana Cells!

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what you been smoking dude?

A sickening feeling overcomes him as he uses the device to shift into a reality slightly off phase. He wonders if he will ever get used to it at all. Once he has settled it is apparent that he’s not the only one who’s decided now is a good time to claim the mana cell’s from the etheral’s.*

“This will be interesting. Game on” he tells Tanesha.

Current Smith Hauthaa Status: 80%

At this rate Khaz will have access to the new badge gear this weekend. Exciting stuff.

Hunter Pro Tip For Intercepting Mana Cells: Get your pet to distract the Wrym’s while you loot the cells. Don’t forget to throw them a mend pet. This will ensure that no-one will take the opportunity to tax them from you whilst you’re fighting.

It can become quite frustrating watching them do that : )

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